What you need to know about online trading

What you need to know about online trading

What you need to know about online trading

Price Update 

Price spoofing in the online trading system refers to the moving price of Winquote, the last price (last trade) added 10 pips to buy and sell minus 10 pips for (20 pips spread).

Price has changed

Variable price can occur in prices with any client or client authorization transactions in online trading or manual trading, where fixed price movement refers to the price movement of Winquote.

Prices are executed at a different price than the available price (Done)

When transacting using online trading or manual trading (electronic quotation), we often encounter a different execution price. The accident happened because the exceptional prices are constantly changing, this is the case with Winquote (Uptodate).

Problems that arise when using online commerce

The limitations that often arise when using online trading transactions are caused by several factors related to both the hardware and software we use, or from users who do not understand the mechanism of online trading. & nbsp; In some of these factors, we are largely faced with the programmatic aspect of intangible factors, such as the ISP and the user. & nbsp; At this point, we will conduct transactions, the user must first understand the mechanism of online trading transactions and perform a simulation before making transactions in the user's account in a "real account" using online means. To reach fast and stable.

At the time of its implementation, the old download price

Such incidents are common when using online trading transactions, for which while we execute a buy/sell transaction, the very long e-commerce acquisition (download) and positioning costs remain unchanged. & nbsp; Such an event occurs due to changes in the prices of factors. Sharp or volatile prices (market fluctuations), Internet connection or loss of data transmitted to the online trading service, and therefore the data is independent of the online trading service. , you should update the online trading, ataaumenghubungi in the section on program verification or conclusion from kerasnya explanation. Dapat encountered something similar when there were two reasons, namely, that the market was turbulent, so it would be difficult to enter into transactions with a Market Order, so clients are advised to use the two tools available in online trading, ie. Using a 'limited order' and 'stop order'. & nbsp; Only due to the loss of Internet connection and instability, so that the data runtime is not sent to the online trading service.

Online Commerce Warning

1. Insufficient margin

In online trading, the “Insufficient Margin” warning will be displayed. Calculate the effective margin if it does not match the volume of executed transactions. & nbsp; Insufficient margin will also occur if while opening a position with a larger number of lots at the same time you place a limit order or stop order, therefore the effective margin will not be used for some time according to the number of lots specified in the limit or stop order, the funds will be returned to & nbsp; Effective margin limit or stop order if the order is canceled (cancelled) before the buy/sell order book/price is executed (done).

2. The price is too close / The price is too far

“Price or price is too far” occurs when limit or stop orders are used that are too close or too far from the provisions of the online trading transaction engine at the marginal price.

Consider the transaction pricing mechanism using limit or stop orders. & nbsp; If you enter into a transaction using a means and you set the price 10 pips below the screen price of 500 pips Etrade or above the screen price, display the warning “Price/Price Too Far”

3. Verification Error

“Validation Error” to set a user error during a transaction with a market or limit order and a stop order, where the incident, due to not filling in columns or available position, exceeds the transaction limit per lot (more than 20 lots)

4. Invalid stop order

An "Invalid Stop Order" warning appears when using a limit order to open a new position when the solution does not match the transaction mechanism (the solution is for a limit order against the transaction mechanism). & nbsp; For example, when you open a position with a new sell order from diharga 20490, while Screen etrade sell price and price, when we receive the message “Invalid Stop Order”, because you are using a price mechanism, not a limit order. & nbsp; so you can